Este sitio web pertenece a la serie de entrevistas Sci_Chile. Sci_Chile es un proyecto que incluye entrevistas a científicos que trabajan en Chile y en el extranjero explicando sus actividades científicas y su impacto de forma simple y clara a toda la comunidad. Este proyecto incluye una interesante diversidad de tópicos que abarcan desde las artes, música, humanidades, economía, biología, química hasta las ciencias exactas tales como matemáticas, física, etc. De esta forma, este programa deja a disposición de nuestra sociedad la ciencia como también las personas detrás de esta noble actividad, los científicos.
Sci_Chile busca la difusión de las actividades científicas en palabras sencillas y claras para todas y todos quienes han sentido alguna vez la curiosidad de saber que hace la ciencia por nosotros y cual es su efecto en nuestro día a día.

Espero sinceramente lo disfruten.


Welcome to Sci_Chile. My name is Carlos Loncoman, I’m a veterinarian, young scientist, currently doing a PhD in virology and passionate about science. During my free time I enjoy outdoors, cycling, boardgames, music, books and good conversations. I welcome you to Sci_Chile, a project that aims to get science closer to people that don’t necessarily have a scientific background.

Sci_Chile broadcast interviews/conversations with scientist from different areas such as arts, biology, economy, physics, astronomy, geology, marine biology, literature and many more. The main objectives of Sci_Chile are:

1.- Allow scientists to get to a broader public beyond their peers. Give them the space to explain what they do as scientists.

2.- Allow people with or without a formal scientific background to get in touch with scientist and their work, which sometimes seems so complicated and far away from us.

As a young scientist it seems so obvious to me that science is essential for our society, and that without science the entire world and our nature would be nothing but a book written in a language beyond our understanding. As I have been amazed by science, I would like that people out of the scientific world could have the chance to feel the same joy and recognise the science behind their daily activities. I am convinced that many scientists would be more than happy to share what they do, so then our community firstly understand and eventually, why not, appreciate and request more science as much as we do nowadays.

Sci_Chile releases interviews/conversation on a monthly basis in Spanish or English depending on what language the scientist feels more confortable with. This specific English section will contain a summary of every published material. Then, Sci_Chile also aim to provide material for people that have either Spanish or English as a second language and feel curiosity along their way to know more about what scientist do for us.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do, and perhaps fall in love with science as I already have.

Carlos Loncoman.



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